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Thursday, March 23rd, 2023 7:13 PM

New Home service

We had a appointment to have new service set up at our new construction home a few weeks ago.  Xfinity showed service was available, and technicians came out.  They ran a temporary line to the house, and said there was not enough signal strength and they would have to put in a ticket for a "booster" or something like that, and that we would hear from someone soon as to when this would be completed.  We never heard anything, so after 3 weeks, a call was made to Xfinity and the lady we spoke to said, "oh someone from construction was supposed to have called you last week".........  Then proceeded to tell us it would be $7,000 to make service available to the house, and 90 days before the work would be complete.  Obviously this was a shock, especially since there are 7 more homes being built on this same continuous plot of land, that would all need internet service.  We have already set up to have direct TV and Earth link be our providers, but wanted to see if anyone had any input on a direction to go, as Xfinity is what we are use to and we would prefer to continue sending them money (but not a $7,000 initiation fee).  Any help is appreciated!  

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2 months ago

Hi, user_9c3e46 I am very sorry to hear the lack of communication you have received regarding the new construction and installing our services. I would be happy to review the job further with you. Please send us a DM with your full name and address where you would like services. 


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