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Wed, Dec 30, 2020 12:00 PM


New Home Construction

I signed up for Xfinity INternet for my new home we are building.  It was a vancant lot before.  Our neighbors have xfinity.  How do I get the outside line run to the house?

The lady on the phone said we had to wait for the equipment and an inside tech to come out  ($70) to then tell the outside tech to run the line.   Can you please get an outside tech to come do a site survey and get the line run to our house?

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2 y ago

Call back and get Comcast to schedule their 'outside tech' site visit first.  Tell them the property needs coax still.   We did this last month for our new home - it had been abandoned for decades before being renovated and consequently never had internet access hooked up (even though neighbors behind and on both sides had Comcast for years now.)  That technician brought our gateway and the other equipment he needed with him.

The technician they dispatched wasn't happy when he arrived - it's a lot more work than a standard hookup - but he was capable and called in a guy with a cherry picker.  Cherry-picker-guy attached one end of the coax to the aboveground pole system and brought it over the road across the street, through a tree canopy, to our house where initially-dispatched-technician took over and ran it smartly along the siding and over a side-door jam and to a new outside cable-box-junction-thing he installed.

We had our personal electrician do the in-home wiring but Comcast's guy hooked up the EB7 gateway to verify the coax run was good and left us all hooked up.  Took a couple of hours but was fairly painless.  The coax run looks good and functions great.

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