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Fri, Dec 11, 2020 6:00 PM

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For two weeks, I’ve been trying to get service set up at my new home. I am surrounded (closely) on all sides by homes with Xfinity service, but when I called to have my address put in, they came back saying I’m out of the footprint. Every other provider has told me that my address comes up in the Xfinity service area, not theirs. I’ve asked that a technician come to my home and explain the problem to me. I work from home and have gone two weeks without internet service. Every time I call, I get the same answer - put in a ticket and wait. Nothing changes.


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8 m ago

Hi @Bgarner, if you directly message me we can take a look for you.

Note that a few factors help us determine whether you are eligible to receive Xfinity services at your home. Here are reasons you may not be eligible:

  • You do not live within a state/county/zip code that is serviced by Comcast
  • Your home is too far from our physical network
  • Your neighborhood or development already has an exclusive agreement with another service provider

There's potentially a few reasons for this. Your address may not be in our database and just needs to be added, or based on the way the infrastructure was built in the community your home may be further from our infrastructure. To let you know upfront, there may be a cost component involved.




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