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Fri, Jan 1, 2021 7:00 AM

New Construction for business account Comcast @ComcastTambrey

I have been trying to get someone in the construction dept. to call me to set up an appt. to come out and survey a piece of land I am purchasing.  The house next door has a Comcast account currently but I keep getting stonewalled on having someone from the construction dept. physically come down to survey this piece of property. I am looking to set up a new business account since I work from home and this is quite urgent as I cannot close on the deal until I know that Comcast can service this address. I do not have an address yet since this property was part of a farm that has been broken up into separate lots.


Please - can someone help me?
Helen [REMOVED] - please do not post personal information on a public forum


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7 m ago

Hello, Helen (@hcabrera) thanks for your interest in creating a second account. I apologize for all the trouble getting you the information you need about getting service. Have you already called our Comcast Business sales team at1-800-391-3000? If you can click on my name to send a private message with the address where you need service, your best email address, and your best contact phone number I can make sure we are taking the right steps to help. When you have a moment I also recommend deleting your name and phone number form your pubic reply, just to be safe 🙂  

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