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Mon, Oct 19, 2020 1:00 PM


Neighborhood cable TV line needs to be checked due to multiple customers experiencing pixelation.

On 9/19/2020 I called 1-888-934-6489 to report an issue with pixelation on all TV channels.  After several calls, three technician visits, two maintenance visits, neighbors reporting they are having the same problem, it was determined by a techinican visit that there was a problem with the lines in the neighborhood.  The first maintenance person told me he replaced an amplifier on a line and that should fix the problem.  It did not.  The second maintenance visit on 10/5/2020 verified there was an issue with the lines in the neighborhood and informed me he was going to talk with the maintenance person who replaced the amplifier and also was going to open another ticket.  I have not heard from anyone since 10/5/2020. I have called 1-888-934-6489 MANY times since then and they see a note in my account on 10/5/2020 regarding the line issue but according to the agent no additional maintenance ticket was opened.  When calling, the only person I can speak with is an agent who only wants to follow their procedures (restarting box, etc) and that is of no help to me.  It is so frustating that I can't speak to someone who can help me.  I experience the pixelation issue at some point every day on every channel I try to watch.  It has gotten to the point where it is useless to waste my time calling the 1-888 number.  The problem has been identified by Comcast maintenance personnel but no one seems to want to fix it  Can someone PLEASE help me?


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1 y ago

Hello @smacdanils105, thanks for reaching out to our Digital Care Team through our Forums page. It's upsetting to hear about the pixelation you have been experiencing and that you have not heard back from anyone about this. We definitely want you to fully enjoy our TV service free of pixelation. We would love to further look into this and assist you.

Can you please send me a Private Message including your first and last name as it appears on the account? 


To send me a Private Message, please click my name “ComcastAmira” and click “Send a message". 

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