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Tue, Jan 5, 2021 8:00 AM

Need Help w Price Escalation. Considering Cutting the Cord.


First off, let me say that we have been loyal Comcast subscribers for years, in two different  markets. My current  acct is over 10 years old as well and came w us when we moved within Chicago. That said, my bills have jumped ASTRONOMICALLY, and now during Covid, I am no longer sure I can afford the almost $200 a month. I am seriously considering cutting the cord altogether and RCN is also looking mighty attractive as they will give me a significant new subscriber discount which Comcast will not.


The short version is that my bills have gone up $50 a month from 2018 to last month w NO changes in service, NO new equipment, NO CHANGES AT ALL.


I am in the position where I may have to cut the cord or go to another provider as they are all offering "new subscriber" deals whereas I am NOT eligible for such by being loyal to Comcast. That's a sad statement -- loyalty gets me nothing.


Can anyone help me?



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