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Tue, Sep 1, 2020 6:00 PM

My yard is trashed thanks to comcast!

So I thought I would give commas another chance. Well that was a huge mistake. First they tried to have me install my own service. The when they sent a tech to my house, they ran a new cable which I thought was great. But then they sent someone to bury the cable and that’s when this story goes horribly wrong! Their tech cuts one of my sprinkler lines and fails to mention it, packs up and just leaves. So, then after a few days I notice my yard is crazy wet. My neighbor notices the same thing. I call Comcast on 8/13. They say “no problem. We will have someone out there in 3-5 days.” After the 5 days, I haven’t heard anything so I call again. This time they say it will be 10 -14 days and they will have someone come look at it. So, I wait another 10 days and still nothing. Not an email, a phone call or anything! So I call again after 19 days of my sprinkler leaking into my yard and my neighbor’s yard. They put me on hold for over 20 minutes saying “I’m getting someone to help you.” No one ever picks up. When the person that took my frustrated call picks up, they say someone will help me in another 10-20 minutes. I ask them to call me back so I don’t have to wait on the line anymore. Well I guess I shouldn’t have been shocked when no one called me back. Comcast is one of the worst customer service companies I’ve ever dealt with. I can’t express how much regret I have for choosing them for my internet and cable service!!



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1 y ago

Hi Dscharett01. Thanks for visiting and posting on our Forum. Apologies for the frustration and inconveniences caused to you. I would like to offer help by submitting a Damage Claim ticket to our corporate team who can reach out to you directly, so they can review and discuss how we can help make it right. Please reach out to me via private message and include your full name and service address so I can assist you. To send me a private, message click my name (ComcastJoeTru) to view my profile. Then click "Send a message" and private message me. 

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