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Mon, Aug 24, 2020 10:00 PM


My contract says "taxes and fees are included" but when I received my bill they were not included.

When I signed up for my internet + TV bundle, the contract specifically stated that "Estimated government taxes and fees are included" for the listed monthly price of $135. When I recieved my first bill, it showed the full $135 with absolutely no mention of taxes and fees within that $135 and then it proceeded to add another ~$25 of separate taxes and fees. Luckily I had a screenshot of the portion of the contract showing my price of $135 and the fine print stating that taxes and fees were included in that price. I called and got an Xfinity customer support representative to tell me that he left a note in my account that if I was able to come in to my local Xfinity store and show this evidence that they would credit my account. When I arrived at the store the representative and her manager confirmed that no such comments were added to my account and they would not honor anything he had said. Then they had me email the evidence to the representative in the store and she said she would open a ticket to have this escalated. I have since followed up with her 3 times with no response and this last time I got an automated response that likely indicated that she no longer works for Comcast. Now I'm completely back to square one with no credit to account for these wrongful charges and with absolutely no accountability for the three seperate representatives who promised to help me but did absolutely nothing to follow through with their promises.


Link to original contract.

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