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Wed, Jan 6, 2021 1:00 PM

Multiple senor tech visits, line maintenance calls, still unreliable internet. Help!

I've had eight or nine technician visits, sometimes two on a single day after it was escalated. I've had four or five of those visits result in escalations to the line maintenance team, escalated to supervisors and such, and after seven months of completely unreliable connectivity, I don't know what else to do.

On multiple occasions technicians have proven that the issue is outside my house. I've tried four different modems; two of mine, and two Xfinity modems and the issue still remains. The connection is completely unreliable, usually on rainy days (I live outside Seattle, so....). Some days, usually sunny days, it's fine. I get 940Mbps (1Gbps plan). Rainy days, I'm lucky if I get 30Mbps, and then, I'm dropping packets like crazy. Can't maintain an internet call, and I get connection abort messages. So far today, on my Net Uptime Monitor (pings 3 separate servers), I've had 72 instances where 3 pings in a row have not been returned. I have two neighbors who say they're having similar reliability issues. I work from home and have fallen back to using my Verizon hotspot for a slow -- but reliable -- connection, which is how I'm able to post this.

I'm not here to try to do any further diagnostics -- the problem is definitely NOT mine and it's clearly a line problem. My issue is that after it gets escalated to a line maintenance call, I NEVER get a call back or any follow-up to confirm if my problem has been resolved. I need someone at Xfinity to OWN this problem and see it through to its final resolution. 

What steps can I take to escalate this to the proper team who will help me? @ComcastAmira can you suggest an escalation path? Thanks!


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