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Sun, Dec 6, 2020 10:00 AM

Multiple Channels Freezing on my X1 Box but not on my 2 Digital Adapters

I'm having and issue with multiple channels freezing only on my X1 box.  Sorry for the long post but it requires some back history.

On November 27th we replaced all 3 boxes due to different issues. X1 box would power on with no picture, We'd have to power it on and off several times before it would connect correctly.  On the 2 digital adapters 1 the remote was going bad and the other seemed to have a bad power supply.

unfortunately the channel freezing has continued, the channels effected have nothing in common. Some are HD some are not.



27 Nov 2020

** We get the new X1 box connected and initialized all is good until we check our local channels. Our local channels are now out of Orlando Florida instead of West Palm Beach Florida.  We connect the 2 digital adapters and they won't even initialize. 

** all support and they could not understand what the issue was, they kept saying we were missing channels.  After speaking with 3 technitians the forth one states that my channel line-up is correct.  I check my line-up online and now it shows the orlando channels.  We setup an appointment for a technician on Thursday December 3, 2020.

03 Dec 2020

** The Xfinity technician  Alex shows up at 0830.  I explain the issue to him and advise hime that I do have 2 spliters and an amp. he starts checking my entire system and replaced the amp and Splitters. He did a system reset and still had Orlando channels. He checks the serial numbers and advised me that these are all the incorrect boxes for our region and gets 3 new boxes, comes in and connect all 3 with the 2 Digital adapters coming right up with the correct West Palm FL. channel line-up. The X1 comes up with Orlando channels, he called his support who also stated they'd never seen this happen so he replaced with a 3rd box. This time the X1 box comes up with the West Palm FL channels however; all the local channels come up with an error saying there not available at this time.  after running some more tests he replaces the cable from the house to the DMark in my back yard.  We now have our local channels and our line-up is correct.  Alex stated that he found a problem at the Dmark in my yard and had put a ticket in to have maintenance come out and correct the issue and he also put a ticket in to have the cable burried.

Shortly after Alex left we noticed the channels freezing up and figured maybe it had something to do with whatever Alex found in the back yard.

**  Alex was the most delightful Xfinity employee I've ever met.  I beleive he went above and beyond in his work a total of about 4 hours.

**  Maintenance showed up shortly after Alex left and they weren't here 20 minutes and left.

**  unfortunately the maintenance that was done did not help at all



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6 m ago

Sounds like you need another tech out to get it back in maintenance’s hands. Unfortunately, that’s the procedure

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6 m ago

Hi, Leisjohn. Thanks for posting here for support! I know you have been through a lot and it's frustrating because the issues continue. Andrew is right, it would be recommended to have another technician out. If you would like assistance with scheduling that, please let me know. I would be glad to help!

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