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Thursday, March 16th, 2023 4:07 PM



I am moving in a month and when I went to “schedule a move” on the website.. my new address would not come up in the system. So I then chatted with an assistant who said he can transfer me to a person who could help. He never did. My new address won’t show up but for a few houses down the road those addresses appear. Will I be able to transfer it still? Or would I have to just end my account? I love Xfinity and I would hate to have to cancel with them. Any ideas on what I can do ?

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Hello @user_eb802c , and congrats on the new place, I hope the move goes smooth. I can understand the need to be connected in your new place, and we are thrilled to know you love the service, we love being your go-to provider! You have reached the right team for help with any of your Xfinity needs. This typically happens when the address has not yet been built into the system, or entered incorrectly from what we may have it listed as. Not to worry we can take a look, and ensure the correct steps are taken. At your leisure send me a Direct Message to begin. 


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