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​[Edited: "Inflammatory"] I have lost 2 days of work now. Most companies do their maintenance during off hours. Not right in the middle of them so that it hurts their customers. Its not like small credit I get is worth the time I lost. Do better Xfinity. [Edited: "Inflammatory"]

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We apologize that you experienced network maintenance during your working hours. Loosing out on your ability to work is never our intention. Please know, network maintenance is performed throughout our network 24/7. It could be done to improve the network (bring faster speeds to our customer), but it could also be done when we notice degradation of the network. We will do proactive maintenance as soon as we notice any type of issues or potential issues. We typically do not wait to perform maintenance as there are situations where that work cannot be performed "after hours" or in the dark either due to the network setup or due to safety concerns. It is far safer and easier for our team to do this maintenance work during the time when they can best see the issues needing to be fixed in the light of day and/or when we have the resources to do that work. This maintenance work ensures our customer do not have to experience a  worse service interruption later.  It also helps to ensure that your connection to the Internet remains strong and consistent. Typically, without this type of maintenance to the network, our customer could experience less than fantastic Internet service and it would be on them to contact us when those issues are experienced. This maintenance makes it so that less customers have to contact us about their Internet quality less often. Again, we apologize you experienced a brief maintenance interruption during your working hours. We assure you, it is only done to help maintain our network for all our local customers. 

Are there any other service issues that you are experiencing now that we can help resolve?




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Concern moved here to the Customer Service help section for greater exposure to Comcast corporate employees (The Digital Care Team) for assistance.

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