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Sunday, January 29th, 2023 11:19 PM

Main DVR Cable Box Issues AX013ANM


​There's a couple different problems which might be connected.​

​Firstly, I've been getting the "remote not working" screen off and on for months and months.  Sometimes a couple weeks goes by, sometimes its just a couple days.  I usually notice the cable box is turned on when it should be asleep.  I check and the screen says "remote not working?" so I push the A and D buttons down simultaneously for about 5 seconds then press 9 and 8 and 1 and then the cable box works with the remote when I point it to it.  You'd think merely re-pairing a remote to any device would take 10-20 seconds but not with the X1.  It takes 5-10 minutes because for some unknown reason I have to rename the box, reprogram the remote to control my TV, check the video settings and the audio settings and then it seems to completely re-setup my entire account all over again.​

​So, I've contacted Support before and they sent out a new remote control and obviously the problem is not the remote because the box is still having the same issue with the replacement remote.  What's next?​

​The second issue just started today.  I have restarted the box to attempt to fix the problem.  I have checked the cable TV boxes in the other two rooms and they are functioning normally and very responsive and fast.  My box tho, the main cable DVR TV box (AX013ANM), is having problems both with navigating the menu's and interface and the video is stopping and starting, audio cutting out and I've tried different channels.  The X1 platform is so slow it takes 10-20 seconds after I push a button on the remote for the box itself to respond.  Any button actions on the remote take 10-20 seconds to perform.  The video freezes and starts again several times a minute.  Its nearly unusable.  I had a ball game to watch earlier and just used the Stream app on my Apple TV.  Game played just fine on the Stream app.  The Stream app is not nearly as nice and feature rich as the X1 platform on the cable box and my remote, but it worked in a pinch.​

​What to do now?​

​PS  I plan to replace my HD TV with a 4K and I'd like to be sent a 4k compatible DVR box.  I asked the technician who was here last time about this and the only equipment he had in the truck with him were 4k wireless satellite TV boxes so he installed two of those.  He said people rarely request a 4k TV box and I found that odd as almost every TV over the size of about 40" sold for years now has been 4k and seems like not having a 4k TV box would not allow one to watch anything in 4k?​

​Note, the Comcast store is 60 miles from me and I do not have transportation to get there so don't plan on using a store for any part of my solution.  Any equipment I need will need to be shipped to me and I will need a shipping label in order to return any equipment that gets replaced.​

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2 months ago

Hello @ventruejusticar. Thank you for sharing your experience. Based on the details you've shared, I would like to help get a new box shipped out to you to see if this helps. Can you send a direct message with your first and last name and service address? To send a direct message click the "Direct Messaging" chat icon in the top right corner of the page, then click on the pen and pad icon and enter "Xfinity Support" in the "To" section of the chat.

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