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Tue, Sep 22, 2020 6:00 PM

Limiting maintenance to after school hours

I have a teacher and three students who are either teaching or learning via online classes, independently from each other.  A student losing service temporarily may not be a big deal, but a teacher teaching a class of 30 students losing service during school hour has a huge impact in our community.  Please schedule maintenance service AFTER the school hours, say after around 3 pm. In last 5 days, we had experienced area service outages TWICE already during class hours.  The first one was horrible with intermittent outages stretching for over 3 hours, and the one we experienced today was brief, but still disruptive.  Both were indicated on Comcast outage map as a local maintenance.  Could you PLEASE schedule your maintenance services AFTER the school hours during this pandemic?  Thank you for your understanding.


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