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Sat, Dec 12, 2020 12:00 PM

Landline Shut down

My landline was shutoff, telling me I owe $50. Yet when I go online it tells me I owe $0.00 and won't letme pay anything..When I sighned up I gave them my bank info for direct pay so there shouldn't be a problem. Chatting with a rep. gets no place, they just kept asking the same question over & over. I would like to talk to a real person but can't fine a number to call them. Any idea, folks? I am 80 yrs of age and I am getting frustrated fast.


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6 m ago

Greetings, @taketime1940! I appreciate you taking the time to reach out to us here on the forums. I hope you are having an amazing day! I apologize to hear that you are having issues with your landline. I would like to have a closer look into this and see if we can get it back up and running. Can you please send me a PM with your first and last name so I may further assist you?


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