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Mon, Apr 18, 2022 6:51 PM

Is XB8 Supersonic modem available yet? Will it cost more on my bill?

I am in Decatur, IL

If it is not available yet, when will it be?

If it is available, can I acquire at our local Xfinity store?

If I get it, will it increase my monthly bill?  If so, how much more?

Here is a paste from my existing personal Xfinity account page:

Ultrafast Plan

Download speeds: up to 900 Mbps

Upload speeds: up to 20 Mbps

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At this time, the new XB8 modem is not guaranteed to be shipped and the Xfinity Service Centers do not carry them. It is not guaranteed that a technician will have them available due to inventory restraints. Please do keep your eyes and ears open for when the new modems do become available. 

When you do get the new modem, your billing will not increase as if you are currently renting a modem, at this time, the modem will not cost more than what the current rental rate is at. 

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