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Monday, February 28th, 2022 11:44 PM


Internet speed change

Upgraded my plan from the 450 to the 1200mb plan and was just wondering how long it'll take before it takes affect. Last speed test I ran was around 470. Computer it wired straight into router

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2 years ago

Hi there, @user_414eea!


Congratulations on the new speed upgrade! The new speed should take effect fairly quickly after the order is completed. Things that might prevent that are if there is home telephone service being added or removed (telephony requires provisioning that can take a good bit of time) or if the modem is incompatible with the speed, in which case it would do it's best to give you the highest speed tier it's compatible with. 


Did the modem restart after you changed the speed? If not, it can help to manually unplug it and let it totally power down, and then carefully reconnect the connections. Doing that can help clear out the cobwebs and give the device the opportunity to receive the new information that's being sent to it, like the speed tier's bootfile. 


Please let us know if that works! 

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