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Wed, Oct 7, 2020 10:00 PM

Intentional Lack of Service

ISP stands for Internet Service Provider.

On the claim of acting as an ISP, you, Comcast, charge a monthly fee via contract agreement.

However, by your own claim, you are knowingly, currently, intentionally failing to "provide" "Internet" access as well as any form of "service" (neither Internet service nor customer service) during the scheduled lack of service.

Let me be specific. You planned, in advance (or so you now claim) to fail to provide both Internet access and customer service simultaneously. If this is false, please attempt to refute it. Keep in mind, documentation now exists and the matter is currently ongoing.

So, while, in every aspect, you refuse to uphold your responsibilities in the service contract, I have no assurances you plan to release me from my responsibilities (i.e., monetary payment).

Is it your intention to falsely pursue payment under these conditions?

Have you failed to notify me of an in-kind release from responsibilities in an effort to coerce payment?

Or, was this a form of neglect of customer service requiring me to once again do an unnecessary portion of the work you austensibly pay employees to conduct with the service fees and ad revenue you generate from my subscription to your "services?"

Please also address whether this issue is wide-spread or targeted at a small area, demographic or individuals.


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