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Thu, Sep 24, 2020 8:00 AM

Installation- FAIL

I ordered new service for my home on 9/22. The gentleman that helped me get all set up for the order was awesome- incredibly helpful, exception customer service. I was looking forward to being a comcast customer, based on his customer service he provided. 


Fast forward to install day... the tech arrives at my home. From the word go, he is finding issues with the install. Doesn't want to go in the attic (I get it, neither do we) so we provide a variety of other options... run the line across the basement and up the side of the house to the bedrooms and we can just re-arrange the bedrooms (didn't like that idea). Run the line from the basement up the wall to the main level. Use wireless boxes on the second level (he claimed the wireless boxes wouldn't work because we have wood floors). Well, then after he was there for 20 minutes, he went out to check the pole to begin running the lines to our house. This pole was on a business property, across the street from my house. He comes back and says that there is a power surge on the pole, it's a safety issue and he can't complete the install and we need to call consumers energy and have them fix it and reschedule the install and he just left... it seemed fishy, but okay. If it's a safety issue, we'll call. Consumers energy comes out and finds absolutely nothing wrong with the pole, they can't determine what the tech was talking about with the power surge, there were no issues with the pole. They also found it strange that comcast wouldn't have called them about the issue and instead, made us call about it, when it wasn't even a pole on our property or associated with our name or account and comcast rents the pole from consumers so they have the permission to climb it. So basically, this tech saw an install that wasn't a quick 30 minute job and decided he wanted nothing to do with it and came up with excuse after excuse... and then wasted the time of the consumers energy employees making a false claim about a safety hazard. 


I call comcast... I want to file a complaint. I tell them all about what happened. I get bounced around from agent to agent. After over an hour and a half on the phone, waiting for a supervisor that I was told was coming to the line, someone answers. Nice guy, but not a supervisor. He did submit my complaints and told me that I should hear back from someone in 30 minutes... 3 hours later, nothing. I try to reach out on chat to get in touch with a supervisor. They submit another ticket, she said "the ticket says someone will call you back within 2 hours" this was at 5pm yesterday... its 11:45 am the next day now and I have yet to hear from anyone. This is quite a joke. They are supposed to be returning to my house today to do the install... wonder what excuses they'll come up with today? Luckily, the consumers energy employee was kind enough to give us his cell phone number so that if the comcast tech tries to pull this again, we can immediately remedy it by having the consumers employee call comcast with us. 


I get that the install at my house may not be as simple as run one line and hook up 3 boxes, but, this is the job they signed up for. If they're not willing to do their job, no matter how easy or hard the install is, then they shouldn't be an installation technician. 


If this is the experience I am already having with comcast and I don't even have the service installed yet, maybe I should just take my business elsewhere as they don't seem to care about the time wasted on our end by the lazy technician, or the time wasted of consumers, or the frustration of going around and around just trying to get someone to answer. 


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