Sunday, April 28th, 2024 10:29 PM

Incorrect cancelation request

I've got "We received your cancelation request, and we're on it" email even though I didn't request any cancelation. I suspect this is because my upstairs neighbors are canceling the service, but somehow it impacted my account (their address is "82 <streetname>" and mine is "82A <streetname>").

I noticed on this forum this is not uncommon problem and the solution is to DM the support, but for some reason I don't have DM button and I suspect I need to ask the question before it is activated or something...

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2 months ago

Thank you for connecting with us, @VadimSh, for connecting with us here in our community. We will be happy to check your account to make sure it is not cancelled. In order to check we will have to connect with you via DM. We did get your DM, but also need your full name and complete address. We look forward to your message.

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