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Tue, Sep 29, 2020 12:00 PM

Im in tears over this

About to move into a house. Tried to get comcast cause the neighbors directly in front of the house have it. We were told they paid $10K to get the box on the pole. New box on pole is literaly in the yard of the house we are moving into. Trying to get an answer for months to get service and now they called me after not hearing from over 3 agents what is going on. Now they are telling me we cant service cause house isnt within 200 feet from pole. How can the people in front of the house get service when they are past 200 feet? What can I do to get service get a special wire???? Someone help find a solution. 

Combined post:

I have talked to over 3 agents and am STILL waiting for someone to call me back. Only the last agent gave me a ticket number #1773253 and still no call. We are moving and need to get this resolved like yesterday. The house had never had xfinity but now the street was just wired for service and I need to get it installed before we get there. 



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We took a look, and we'll need to have construction come out and do a field survey to determine if there is a cost involved, stick with your ticket, I will PM you the construction ticket as well (please do not post ticket numbers here). A construction coordinator will reach out to you about next steps.

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