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Tue, Jan 12, 2021 5:00 PM

I'll just keep ordering more boxes

Until you figure out how to send the right one. I'll keep calling, and calming chewing up the support agent's time. They seem to enjoy the commiseration. I'm up to 6 boxes now, after 3 UPS shipments. How many more will it take? I've got 2 more on the way. The support agent even asked "how many you want me to send, I can send up to 4!". This, after they told me they have no control over which STB gets sent. Just get shipping them, and eventually I'll hit the 'ole comcast lottery and get the right one. "Thanks, and have a bad day!"


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5 m ago

Hi there, @Dasummers


We want to make sure we send out the right TV box the first time so it's a smooth transition for you. Our team will do our best to help you out. Can you please private message me your full name and service address? Thank you for posting to our forums. 
To send a private message, please click my name "ComcastMartin" then select "Send a Message" on the right side.

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