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Mon, Nov 23, 2020 1:00 PM

I just want service...

I have been trying to get Comcast at my home for almost 3 years now. My next door neighbor has it because the original owner of that home had the underground cable or “tap” installed. I received a phone call about 2 ½ weeks ago from a Comcast rep saying that my home was now finally serviceable. I was so happy. I asked him several times if was sure about this. Each time he confirmed and said I was ready to go. A few days go by and I call Comcast sales to set up an account / service. Appointment day came. I woke up early and got all the furniture and electronics moved so everything would be ready for the technician. Technician came out for the appointment as scheduled and then almost immediately said my home isn’t ready for service because the closest “tap” (My Neighbor) was to far and that I need a tap installed closer to my house. I was extremely angry and confused. I asked the technician to call the office and figure out what’s going on because I was told by Comcast I was serviceable. He walked back to his truck and after about 20 minutes he said I see a ticket still open in the system to have the tap installed. This confused me even more because if the there is a ticket still open to have the tap put in why did Comcast tell me I was ready for service? I asked the technician if he could get back on the phone and figure out when the tap would be installed. He said he doesn’t deal with customer support and that I would have to call them and gave me the ticket number. Technician just leaves without even saying he was leaving but whatever. I then proceeded to call customer service for some answers………well after speaking with 4 different individuals and being on the phone for literally over 2 hours they had no answers for me about what was going on. At that point I was tired of being on the phone and asked that a supervisor call me back. She said I should receive a call in about an hour. Well 3 hours go by and no phone call. So I called back and spoke to a 5th person who again had no answers and said I should receive a call in about 5 business days regarding the tap. That all took place this past Saturday. I didn’t trust the last persons response so I called back this morning (Monday) and talked to a very nice gentleman who I could tell was actually trying to help. Unfortunately his reach only goes so far. He said he is sending his supervisor an email to escalate this to the people who install the taps. He said he will follow up with his supervisor in a couple of days to check progress and get back with me via email. I’m sure he will but I’m sure this will drag out forever before I see any progress. So here I am after all of that still no service, no tap and no idea when a tap will be installed. On top of that I’m sure the cost of putting in the tap will be a fortune just to add salt to the wound. My wife works from home and my kids are both doing school from home due to COVID. The only internet we can get is AT&T with a speed of a whopping 8 Mbps…..All I want is to get service for my home from Comcast. It should not be this hard or this much of a hassle for the customer.



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Hi there, @JCharette


I apologize for the inconvenience you have experience with trying to set up services at your home. I can double-check your account and see what is happening. Will you please send me that ticket number as well? 


Can you also please private message me your full name and service address? Thank you for posting to our forums. 
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