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Sat, Dec 19, 2020 7:00 PM

How to communicate with anyone with a clue?

A while ago the power company replaced a series of power poles that also supported Comcast cable.  Surprisingly, our service wasn't interrupted. A few weeks later - about when I expect that Comcast restrung the temporary cable supports, my incoming signal strength dropped 15dB.  It's still - barely - within spec but once the weather warms up it will no doubt be out of spec.

Trying to contact support: 30 minute wait, then someone who repeats my question in more-or-less my brand of English, then offers to reset my modem.  Me: PLEASE do not reset my modem, the problem is outside in the neighborhood and I'm trying to give you a heads-up. She: resets my modem.

And repeat...

Outside tech have always been awesome. Phone support... ghastly.


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6 m ago

Sometime today the inbound signal levels jumped up 8dB or so after being marginal for weeks.  Not what they used to be but plenty strong enough for now.


Much as I'd like to take credit.. no.  I'd guess a tech was working on it or some other issue in the neighborhood.


There realy does need to be a way to comminucate this kind of stuff to people who might make use of the information.  Tier one support is useless for this, and I'm not going to let a tech in the house in the covid era even if they roll a truck.

Happy holidays all.

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