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Sun, Nov 15, 2020 10:00 AM

How do we get local help?

We have had no internet for a month. A technician determined that the cable from the box to our house is bad. He could not lay a temporary line because the distance is too great. We had an appointment for Oct 23 to get new cable laid. That appointment was cancelled with no communication to us. It just disappeared as if it never existed. We had a new appointment scheduled for yesterday. We waited for 15 hours all the while being told it would definitely happen. They no showed. I was speaking to someone today who said the best he could do was next Saturday. Then he miraculously found an appointment for tomorrow. While he was in the process of setting that up we were disconnected. He did not complete setting up the appointment. I can't get a straight answer from anybody. Everybody appreciates my patience and promises to get back to me with an update. Nobody actually does anything. We have no home internet. The only xfinity hotspot in our area no longer works (and nobody answers questions about that either.) We are using our phones as hotspots but have hit our data limit for November. Our daughter is supposed to come home to finish her semester and take her finals online. My husband has training for work that he is told he must do using a computer on wifi, not phone signal. And I can't get anybody at xfinity to help or even communicate honestly with us. 


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