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Fri, Jul 23, 2021 12:25 PM

How do I get the drop replaced between the pole and my house?

For months I have been trying to get Xfinity to my parent's house to replace the drop that has been rubbing on their garage roof for over a year. They complain about the internet constantly going out and I am sure the drop is compromised. With the storms we had the last couple of weeks, the drop came all the way down to the ground but did not break. The landscapers wrapped it around the conduit on the side of the house to get it off the ground, but the service now is even worse. I have opened several trouble tickets over the last year to no avail. Yesterday the customer service rep said I would be charged $100 to have it fixed, which I said was ridiculous. 

The easy solution here is to switch to another provider like WoW and have them replace the drop with the install for free. I would think you would want to keep us as customers as we have been Xfinity customers for years.

Please respond with a solution.


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