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Mon, Sep 21, 2020 7:00 AM

How do I get assistance with a drop/bury the line request

Last week my cable line was cut during my neighbor's fence installation. A Comcast tech came out and ran a drop last Wednesday and afterward I received a text message with a linked to a web page asking me to verify some information about burying the cable. Several of the details needed to be updated and the page directs me to initiating chat to update the information. I have tried chat support twice and the chat support has no idea how to update the page. Most recently chat support directed me to call a number to reach a "dedicated team". This ended up being a separate company that only seemed interested in selling me a protection plan related to tech visits. Are you kidding me? 


Today a crew showed up with shovels and couldn't bury the line because they didn't have the equipment they needed to run under sidewalk and utilities haven't been marked. I wonder if the confusion has anything to do with the information that is not correct on the form that I can't seem to find anyone that can update.


I can't seem to find anyone at Comcast that can help with this, so I'm here as a last resort before I lose all patience and switch to Metronet.


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