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Sun, Aug 1, 2021 3:16 AM

Horrible Service

Haven't had internet all day. Because a tower is being worked on. But that's not why I'm upset. I missed an entire day of work because they'd "solve the problem as soon as possible" if you know that you have a large group of consumers why not send a notification that internet will be gone for long periods of time. People with special needs care takers students and people with remote jobs. People with kids. People with pets can't just up and leave and say hmmm let me go use the McDonald's wifi for eight hours so I can make my pay just in case they don't turn the internet back on. Communication from a company that focuses on communication shouldn't be an issue. Because is Xfinity going to refund my day of work back? No. Is Xfinity going to call my boss and explain how it's their fault for not giving anyone a heads up or any type of explanation as to why the internet is down no. Even now no one's told me how long it's going to take. Not an estimated time. I'll be without internet for a couple of days? Ok cool just let me know so I can do something. But instead leave everyone in the dark and make them jump thru hoops to a unresponsive team and just not care. Just be straight forward and tell us what's going on from the beginning we have lives believe it or not.





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Concern moved here for greater exposure to actual Comcast employees for assistance. 

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Hi, user_0f7115. Thank you for reaching out and providing this feedback. I completely understand your frustration and would feel frustrated in this situation too. Our goal is to provide reliable services and good customer service. I know good customer service begins with transparency when there are service issues. We will work to turn this experience around. First, I'd like to check the status of the services and provide an update. We can then go over credits owed to the account. Can you please click the Peer to Peer chat icon at the top right of the page, click on the pen and pad icon and enter Xfinity Support in the "To" section of the chat and provide us with your first and last name so we may further assist you.

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