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Mon, Nov 30, 2020 1:00 PM

horrible service

I am writing to voice my complaints about your service.  I was a

customer in Knoxville Tn, and I will say that when I first needed service

there I was very pleased.  Both the CSM, and the tech who came to my

apartment were outstanding and went out of their way to resolve my issues.

Having said that, I wish to make a complaint.  In September I called to

request a transfer of service to my new residence in Greenback TN.  As far

as I knew everything went fine. Soon I received an email saying that I had a

package from xfinity with new equipment.  I thought that odd, but really

didn't pay that much attention to it. I moved into the new house and hooked

everything up with no result.  I called customer service and they went

through the trouble shooting to no avail.  I went under the house and ran

new co ax from the access point outside to my living room with no results.

Again Customer service and I went through the troubleshooting steps and they

informed me that they could not ping my equipment.  They would not listen to

me about it not being an internal wiring issue in my home and told me there

would be a $75 charge to send a tech.  I declined and traced all the wires

in my house to ensure that it was in fact an external issue.  I called back

and once again after being on hold for extended periods and transferred

several times, agreed to have a tech come to the house with the caveat that

I wouldn't be charged if it was an external problem.  A week later the tech

comes out and determines that the lines running to my house are bad and in

the wrong location.  He puts in a work order to pull permits to bore under

the road and run new line.  At this point it gets interesting.  He put me on

the phone with someone to needed my approval and the woman asks me which

account this is.  I was confused and long story short, my account in

Knoxville was never transferred, instead another account was opened so I am

being billed for an account that I don't live at, and one where I have no

service.  Anyway the tech tells me that someone will be out to install new

cable in 7 to 10 days.  In the meantime I have been trying to get the

billing issues resolved and after 3 weeks of explaining this to different

csm's and supervisors and spending hours on the phone, and being hung up on

once by your CSM, 2 days ago the account in Knoxville was finally cancelled

after accruing an amount of over $304 which apparently I am still expected

to pay even though I haven't lived there since September.  BUT WAIT!!!

THERES MORE!!!  Not only has no one ever showed up at my new residence to

install new cable, but I have been charged $241 for service which I have

never had.  I have never at any point had ANY service at this house.  In

fact, the tech cut the co ax off at ground level when he was here.  This

bringfs us to today when I called about the cable install and was informed

that nothing could be done because my sevice was suspended due to non

payment and wanted to troubleshoot my connectivity issues.  When I (yet

again) explained the situation, I was told that I would be transferred to

another department because he couldn't do anything.  I have spent hours on

the phone with CSM's, Technical support, Account retention, and God only

knows who else, all with absolutely no results as I write this email and

will send it using my phone as a hotspot.  @ hours ago I was told that I was

once again put in the que for a call back in approx. 30 minutes.  I wish

there was another option for TV and internet service here, because this is

literally the worst customer service I have ever encountered.



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7 m ago

Hello, welcome to the Xfinity Forums bbkc1969!

After reading through your experience with us thus far, I can totally understand why you would be frustrated at this point. I would really like to look over your account and help get this all straightened out as well as make any necessary billing corrections. Please send me a private message with your first and last name, as well as your service address so I can assist. 


 To send a private message, click my name "ComcastTambrey", then click "send a message".

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