Monday, September 18th, 2023 11:05 PM

Horrible customer service

I called and set up 1 payment arrangement with my account due to emergency bills The agent I was speaking with was setting up the arrangement when a supervisor come on the phone and said they needed to set up a second payment  I told you that was fine he set up the payments and guaranteed my services the next day my services were disconnected I called and spoke with an agent and asked why she said because the payments set up were not arrangements they were scheduled payments I asked you to speak to another supervisor who was very rude called me a liar said I did not speak with any manager the day prior because they do not answer phone calls and refuse to turn my services back on  I have been a loyal customer to xfinity for more than 15 years But that would be changing soon I am shopping for other services this is unacceptable to punish me because your agent did not know what they were doing and promised something that they could not uphold My wife has lost 2 days of work because we do not have internet at this time which is more more than my bill  I am totally shocked that xfinity would do this to somebody who has been with them for so long.

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13 days ago

@user_a164e9 Hello, thanks for sharing the recent experience. I understand the frustration with not having your services on and going through all of that. Let's take a closer look. Please send us a direct message with your full name and service address. 

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