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Thu, Dec 10, 2020 5:00 PM

Help getting an update on service install

We purchased our home 2/14/2020 and we were told Comcast installed some lines, and that they would be up and running in a month or so. I have been in contact with the contractor that installed the lines, and about 4 months ago he said the issue with with PSE (Puget Sound Energy, Power company) and permit issues. I called him in October, and he told me PSE was actively working on the lines. I called him yesterday and he told me he was no longer on the job, and couldn't give me an update.

I got ahold of PSE and they said there isnt a ticket for my area, but I was told otherwise. Can an official employee PLEASE message me? I have more information to help, but I do not want to post it here.

The ONLY ISP in the area is some local company through Broadband, and our service keeps getting dropped. She is getting in trouble, and we need a resolution.


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6 m ago

Hi, thanks for reaching out to us on forums. I'm sorry to hear you have not been given an update. I will be happy to help and follow up on the construction. Just send us a private message so we can take the right actions to get more details. If you can include your name and the address where you are looking to get service this will help! 

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