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Sun, Sep 13, 2020 4:00 PM

Frustrated because the orange cable outside isn't getting buried for 3+ weeks

I got comcast on the 17th and was told the orange cable outside was going to be burined within 4 days.


It was not done, and I contacted over the phone and was told 2 weeks. Again, it was not done, and the next agent I spoke to said it would be done 2 days after our conversation; It was not done. The last time I spoke to someone, which was last week, they said they would be sending it to the higher ups to get it taken care of. Well, here I am, with still no cable buried.


My mom is getting pretty upset because we're trying to get a new fence installed, and we have this long cable all over our existing fence.


Please help. I don't want to have to cancel Xfinity. =( Thanks.


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