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Thu, Nov 19, 2020 7:00 AM

Frequent Outages and Disruptions

We have disruptions with our internet service weekly and consistent outages (up to four hours) for the past 30 days or more. We have had at least three techs come to extensively assess our situation with the most recent one coming in October. But the disruptions and outages still persist.

I called and spoke with a rep from Colorado on Nov 6th, who saw the difficulties we were having with our services. After speaking with her supervisor, we were told Xfinity would gladly give us a $100 credit on our bill to cover the numerous and unacceptable laspes in service.  We were even told customers in the service area of (Humble, Texas) were experiencing outages as well. The crediit however, was not applied, and so we received instead a $10 late payment fee on Nov 12th. We, therefore, called again on Nov 13th to inquire about what happened to the $100 credit, and the rep, Daniel, said he saw no notes to verify the credit we were promised. He said he was only authorized to give us a $30 credit. On Nov 15th we called again, because after looking at our bill, we saw a disconnect notice was now added due for lack of payment, and no credit had been applied. This time a rep, Michael, had no notes of any credits given. He said he was only authorized to give $10. 

I have two questions. Why are we told by reps they are taking notes regarding our conversations, but the reps who come later have no knowledge of such notes? Why promise credits, if Xfinity won't put notes of the conversations for other reps to refer to when customers must call back?


I'm expected to pay my bill in full each month and I do. But  when we don't receive adequate services, because of company outages, our bills should be adjusted. Due to jobs being now "work from home", we need the internet to pay our mortgages, food and utilites. If the internet is not working as promised on a consistent basis, how can I pay you XFINITY?


I'd appreciate the$100 credit I was first promised on Nov 6th and a removal of the late fee. It would also be a good thing to your customers, if you inform us when major work will be done in our service areas.


Thank you


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6 m ago

Same problems here.

It would be different if the outages were over night perhaps.  

Making it IMPOSSIBLE for child to stay connected and succeed in virtual school.


0/10 Xfinity for your lack of  general awareness.

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