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Sat, Nov 28, 2020 2:00 PM

Free xFi pods

How can I get free xFi Pods? I just set up the new XFi Gateway with unlimited internet today. The wifi coverage from the xFi gateway is not good. The Comcast website doesn't say anything about free xFi pods but I read on forums that Comcast will give them to you for free if you need them to extend your XFi gateway coverage.  How can I get the free pods?   They seem to be for sale on Comcast website but I don't want to buy them because I thought they were supposed to be free.   Thanks.


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8 m ago

I would also like to request these. thanks.

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7 m ago

Have you tryied contacting Xfinity through phone or chat? Did you get an answer?

I think you have to be paying for Xfinity Advantage to get the "free" pods. 

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