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Mon, Nov 30, 2020 1:00 AM

Forced services during Covid-19.

Hey everyone, so, during the summer I contacted Xfinity to downgrade my service. I was struggling with keeping up with my bill. I was denied that change. I was basically told “to bad, so sad, here’s some debt”

So, my tv service was eventually suspended. But they kept internet turned on for everyone during those days of the pandemic. So, I got a Roku, and settled into being without cable. A few weeks later I got a notification saying I qualified for a lifeline arrangement. It would keep my services going during the pandemic!

Well, I said yes right away. What I didn’t know though, was that the arrangement also turned my tv services back on. I figured because they were suspended, and I still had internet service the whole time it must be for my internet service.

Nope! Come to find out that I had been being charged for my tv services, even though I thought they were suspended. I called to have the tv services turned off, and was again told no.

So, all this debt is racking up on my bill. And it’s for stuff I didn’t want and didn’t even know I was paying for for a while. To top things off, my phone was stolen in July, I called and demanded they cancel my mobile services since I didn’t have my phone anymore. I was told no, and they have been billing me every months since, even though I don’t even use their services for mobile anymore and called to disconnect it.

Where is this all leading to? Because if you called today and asked to change your services, they’d do it in a heartbeat. But, over summer, there was literally a code of data that wouldn’t allow anyone in the assistance plan to change their services until their bill was up to date.

That’s right, Xfinity forced many many people like me into staying on plans they had communicated they couldn’t afford and didn’t want. I now have four months worth of Xfinity bills for services I didn’t want or use, and I have to pay it off if I want to continue using internet... right as the second wave is picking back up, and there is minimal assistance.

It seems like they could care less about actual human beings. Their greed in forcing not one, but TWO services on me is inconceivable to me. So, if you’re reading this, you’re not alone. Comcast raked me over the coals during a pandemic as well.

What a disgusting company.



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7 m ago

Hi, @Lu-kasp! Thanks for taking the time to reach out to Comcast over our forums page! I am sorry to learn about this experience during these challenging times! This is definitely not the experience that we like to hear about! I will do all that I can to help turn that around. To further assist, would you mind clicking on my handle “ComcastGabe” and sending over a private message with your first/last name and address?

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