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Thu, Dec 31, 2020 10:00 AM

EMAIL "Setting up your Service? This step-by-step video can help

This was the stupidest thing you could send me.


We "exchanged" our old equipment at your Rochester Hills store on Monday, Dec. 28---per your begging.  On Dec. 30th, I got this email (see subject line)  TWICE.!


I spent almost 2 hours trying to activate the new Gateway on the 28th.  Until that activation took place, we had no phone or internet service.   WHY send that ridiculous email 2 days after?  It scares me to know that your company is too inept to know if I'm activated or not - and then 2 days later send out this email to infuriate me more.    I do NOT want someone to call me and CHAT about my problems.  I want  YOU  to understand that your customer service is deplorable and that no matter how many surveys you do,  it doesn't improve.   The BELOW will HIGHLIGHT    all of my frustrations.    

Why does the world ASSUME that everyone has a smart phone with internet capabilities?

NOW that I’ve gotten everything activated., I can watch the video two days later.  How stupid is that?  The store service person just ASSUMED that we had smart phones.  Yes, he said, just make a phone call and it will be activated.    Kind of like the smiling serpent in the Garden of Eden.

The Phone CALL  for service?   That automatic robot menu put me in a continual loop.  Yes - I want activation.  Yes, I have problems with internet.   Yes,   oops   -  I'm back to where I started.


When I finally miraculously got out of the loop  (God only knows how),  I was told to wait by my phone (the cell I pay minutes for) until an agent was available to return my call.  Yes - that was so much fun for an hour.  


It would  be helpful if your “agents” were from the US of A.  I’m not able to translate heavy accents from a country 12 hours a way.    Again, she assumed I had a smart phone.  

Maybe you should have special agents for customers over age 60.  Someone who can help technology dinosaurs and can speak American English.  

Or better yet... you should have installers come to the house when you decide to upgrade equipment.  I pay almost $300 a month and I’m expected to do your job for you.  

Me thinks I’m getting ripped off as a customer and I should get paid traumatic compensation for what your company put me through on Monday.   Never mind the dread I experienced of losing a connection for my Sennheiser wireless headphones with switching out the TV box, which almost happened the previous "Update" for new equipment.  That's when we were given an OLD tv box to accomodate the headphones jack and then the TV didn't have the same capabilities, even though it was a new SMART tv.  

Thanks for nothing.  I mean,  this email was totally useless.  I guess if someone should read it the two times it hit my mailbox two days after I did your job for you, then its use would just make a paying customer mad.   Mission:  Accomplished.

PS I’d like to be refunded the $7.85 for the minutes I had to waste on my pay-by-the minute  phone that I had to use to while trying to activate.  Internet phone service is not particularly helpful when internet isn’t connected.

I worry when you do maintenance during the night.  We Can’t receive emergency calls from our diabetic daughter if she needs help during those maintenance hours.   AGAIN, we do not live with a smart phone at the end of our arms.   The cell phone is in a car or purse for emergencies while away from home.   No need for internet until we are using COMCAST at home.

Judy Raffin



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