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Thu, Sep 17, 2020 11:00 AM

Drop in the yard for almost 6 months

What address can I write to the corporate offices ?

I have a drop running from the front of the house to the back yard. It has been there for almost 6 months. I keep calling and being told stories. I can recite the scripts the reps are using. You ask for a supervisor you get a lead. Tickets being closed, tickets not created, and sooooo many empty promises. Just 14 days, no one can be contacted because it is only ticket system and they have no one to contact. I ask for a supervisor. I am told that there will be a call back in 30 minutes. Two days later, I am calling back. Only to be told that someone completed my ticket as I am looking at the sun faded cable. It was orange now white. The supervisor said he created another ticket (lol). I told him that I had called in August with no ticket created. Then, I was told it would be another 14 days before completion. It makes me feel like Xfinity is my customer.



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1 y ago

Hello jb0420. Welcome to the Xfinity Forums and thank you for posting. Apologies your drop cable issue persists and is still unresolved. I can assist with researching your Drop Bury requests, and help get the ball rolling again, so we can finally get your cable drop line buried. If you'd like my help with this issue, please send me a private message and include your full name and service address so I can assist you. To send me a private, message click my name (ComcastJoeTru) to view my profile. Then click "Send a message" and private message me. 

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