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Wed, Dec 23, 2020 10:00 PM

Downed and frayed outside cable line

This happened today, 12/23/2020 due to high winds and a branch falling on it. It needs fixing. I do have service, but for how long? I see in the archives that getting this fixed can take MONTHS? This is not good customer service, to be frank. How is this good for Comcast longterm? I can't get through to a person. The automated "service" keeps sending me messages that my situation is "resolved". It is not resolved. Yes, I have service, but I also have this dangling, loose, trip-hazard cable in my backyard. How do we get this resolved? Thank you in advance.


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6 m ago

Surprise! The Comcast guy (a very nice person) is here, unannounced, and unplanned for. I don't know how he knew (the automated service told me my issue was resolved [it wasn't] and closed my ticket yesterday). Don't get me wrong: I am pleased he is here and grateful the issue is being addressed, but this is so typical of Comcast: no communication.

So great for the speedy service, but dings for the utter lack of communication and the extremely poorly set up system to get Comcast's attention and to let the customer know the problem is being addressed.

Lastly, this is one of the most poorly designed customer forum sites I've ever seen. I cannot search by my user name (I get zero results), and yet I did post and did manage to finally find it by inputting the word "frayed" to finally find myself. I had intended to be complimentary regarding  such fast service, but then had to conquer the barrier (and it is a barrier, as is the automated nonsense when trying to report an issue) of trying to find my comment in the first place.

Btw, I tried to get a human yesterday when reporting this, and as soon as the "AI" said it would send me to an agent, a notice popped up to say we're too busy, start over another day. That and the insistence by "AI" that my cable service is underground (it's not; nowhere around here is it underground. Some houses——many, many houses—were built prior to 1997).

Unbelievable. HIRE MORE PEOPLE for your call centers.

Again, the actual people could not be nicer and appear competent. The system they're trapped in is a hellscape—that's on upper management who makes these decisions. Past time for a revamping of this approach to "customer service". And get better web designers who are aware that not everyone is at tech savvy and "hip" as the designers claim to be. Hire a few librarians to help you organize these archives and posts and forums. It's a mess, truly. Bottom line: thank you, but seriously look at this and improve it.

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