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Sun, Jan 3, 2021 12:00 PM

Disconnected internet even though i made a payment arrangement!!

Like the title states, we were a bit behind on our bill due to Covid and yesterday the internet got disconnected. I made a payment arrangement to restore service (which worked no problem the other time I had to do it) and it's still off. I cant call comcast because my phone has no data, i use the internet. I use it for my job from home as well. So not only am i missing out on work now but I'm confused as to why it's not restored as i made a payment arrangement. Ty.


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7 m ago

@SRick01, please select my username and use the send message option to reach us directly. If you can include your name and service address I can help by taking a closer look at your account and the arrangement. I'm sorry you ran into this unexpected issue getting service restored. 

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