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Sun, Jan 31, 2021 10:00 AM

Death of account holder

I'm trying close the account of my deceased father.  I've called and navigated your ineffective phone system and talked to a service representitive twice.  I've provided my contact informtion.  I've completed and submitted the Xfinity affidavit.  There is a still a bill with a start date that is after my first call.  Today I was told I'd need to call back again.


This is rediculous. I just want to return the equipment and move on.


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5 m ago

Had the same issue.  Ended up filing a Better Business Bureau complaint and had a call the next day from very professional customer service people who addressed the problem.  It's sad that you have to file a BBB complaint to get basic customer service issues resolved.  The good news is that it worked.

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