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Mon, Nov 2, 2020 4:00 AM

Day 5 of Outage

This is really unacceptable. Last Thursday our power went out for around 8 hours due to Hurricane Zeta (Mobile, AL). Ever since that time, going on 5 days now, we have been without Internet and TV with no ETA from Comcast on when service will be restored. I use my home Internet for work, and have had to blow through by-the-gig data on Xfinity Mobile to stay connected.

I would really like
1) An ETA on repairs
2) Refund both for the TV/Internet outage AND for the Xfinity Mobile extra data charges.

If service isn’t restored soon, I will have no choice but to switch providers.

I understand Comcast can’t control the weather, but they can communicate about the exact reason for the outage, what is being done to fix the problem, and provide an ETA on completion.


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8 m ago

We have no internet for 5 days now. I can't get nobody on the phone to talk. No estimated time of repair. This is Ridiculous.

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7 m ago

Hi, DominoToppler and mathewamey. Wow! We are sorry to hear about the service interruption you have been experiencing and we hope everyone is OK. We understand 5 days is a long time to be without service. Restoration usually depends on what types of repairs are needed and where they are. We're doing our best to get everything restored as soon as possible. Have you checked our Status Center at all ( or checked our My Account app to see if any updates or estimated times of repair are posted there? Those would be the places to check. If you're still having trouble finding answers, please be sure to let me know and I will see what information I can find on my end. Once service is restored, we can definitely discuss adjusting the bill for the downtime. 

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