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Tue, Feb 9, 2021 11:00 PM

Data Usage

So today a very rude Comcast rep from the CSA department called me to explain my data usage overage. I went over the data cap in 3 days they explained. They told me my wifi camera used 500-600 gigs in days! She proceeded to tell me there data meters were correct and it wasn’t an error I used the data I must pay for it. I’ve had this camera for MONTHs and it’s never gone over. The days they say it used this much data the camera was hardly active. I contacted the camera manufacturer and they said it was impossible for the camera to use that much data in days!! I’ve spent at least 6 hours on the phone with Comcast dealing with this the past 6 days with no reassurance other than I must pay more to upgrade my plan. Clearly there is an error with your data meters! I feel like I’m being held hostage by this company in this situation contemplating canceling service with them because of this. I’ve been a customer for years. This is ridiculous.



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An easy way to see if the camera is the culprit is to disable/disconnect it for a few months and see if that fixes the data use issue.  It might be worth searching for your model of camera to see if there are security advisories.  Some of them get hacked which can drive up your data.




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Helpful, as always.

What exactly are you an "expert" in?

I've never seen you answer any of our questions, even basic ones about service plan differences, instead you either jump in if someone has violated a policy or just to state that you have escalted the enquiry to an Xfinity employee (which has done nothing for me so far, as i'm still no closer to them answering my questions).

If you're an "expert", can't you put some of that "expertise" to better use and bang out the low hanging fruit enquiries while leaving the more ccount-based stuff to the employees?
Seems that you would be addig actual value by doing that.

Just some feedback.

@Again wrote:

Your post has been removed to a secure and hidden area for violating the Forum Guidelines and the Acceptable Use Policy. If you are not familiar with these, please review them. [soliciting]





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One of my "jobs" here [I'm not an employee remember] is to monitor the forums and posts for violations of the guidelines and the A U P, and remove them.  And, I escalate posts that need attention to the OE's.


And, I do jump in and try to help customers with their problems, you're just not seeing that.  Each of the Experts here have areas that they enjoy "working" and that is one of the areas I work.  What you don't see is the work I do behind the scenes.


What you should remember here is that this is primarily a customer-to-customer help and support forum, so we rely on customers like yourself to  help other customers.




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