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Mon, Sep 28, 2020 3:00 PM

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Almost every week, at the same time, between 4-5 PM my Cable TV screen goes dark and it lasts for about an hour.This has been going on for months. Today when it happened I decoded tpo try again. Of course I got the same  computerised voice and the same restart nonsense. It didn't help. Then, when I called back 15 min later I was told the restart was still in process. I was then told I would get a call back in 10 min. that would connect me to a live person. I got a computer call telling me no one could talk to me and it then hung up. Its too frustrating not being able to talk to a live person. If they are overwhelmed hire more people!!!!

Almost two hours later, the picture came back on.

There is something fishy about this happening at the same time every week. Is Comcast saving banswidth by doing this? I am seriously thinking of canceling. I already subscibe to hulu and I have AppleTV so what do I need Comcast Cable for!





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7 m ago

Hi there, coti14. Thanks for posting! When this happens and the screen goes dark, have you ever tried to reset the cable box at that time to see what happens?

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