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Wed, May 12, 2021 4:55 PM

customer service

The last few weeks, each work day the internet at my house drops to zero mbps. I pay for unlimited, over $100 per month, and each day the two people working out of my house have to use cellular data or play with the modem to try and get it to restart and increase the speed. I've been calling each day this week and found out that Xfinity doesn't have phone customer service. They only have a chat based system through texts where the person texting doesn't respond to questions with any knowledge and will refuse to answer simple questions like "is there a phone number to call and get a hold of someone at Xfinity". Going through the charade each day does provide some extra internet speed, however. So basically I need to spend part of each day texting with someone who doesn't understand what I'm writing or read my replies to their questions. Today during the middle of missing work because of the loss of the internet, and dealing with texting someone at Xfinity, they offer to provide me a free tv package. I wanted to lose it, but since I'm only texting and not talking to a human I just let them know I do not want tv. 

This is ridiculous behavior from a company that operates essentially as a utility. No customer service to speak of, no answers regarding quality of services provided, and no apparent expectation from the company to backup their services. During the customer service chat, several times I was asked if I was till there, and my questions weren't addressed at all, then they responded: "We are on sms chat I am receiving your messages late also my messages are going late." 

So, not only does Xfinity not provide good service, or customer service, they hamstring their csr's availability to use chat by giving them poor communication methods.  Just awful.


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Hi, @user_521af1. That sounds quite frustrating. Have you tried our 1-800-XFINITY number to get assistance over the phone? That is always an option for internet issues, I have used that number myself in the past when I needed assistance. You can also request a call back through our My Account app when going through troubleshooting steps. 


If it's easier for you, we'd be happy to help on this platform and see about getting your service working normally. If you'd prefer to call, the 1-800-XFINITY number as a great option to get you in touch with our internet technicial experts on the phone. 

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I'm sorry to hear about any frustrations experienced over the phone. We would still love to help you here! Please send us a Message if you'd like further assistance.

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