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Thu, Dec 10, 2020 7:00 PM

Customer Service - My Story

Back in March I spoke to a very nice Customer Service Agent who ws knowledgable and helpful she help0ed me rework my Internet service to accomidate two people working form home. I was ver peased with the telephone serive I got.


About a month ago I noticed that Comcast was offering a free upgrade for my TV set top box. I tred to work though the Xfinity Assistant, Comcast's implementation of Arificial Stupidity whihc apparently can only answere abour 4 questions with nonsencial answere and run a minimal trouble shooting tree any halfway competent person could easily do themselves. 


The multiple hoops of authenticalip and validation after you are required to login to your account multiple times. I eventually got to a live chat with someone who really trieds to help but again had to "validate" my account by sending an email. I gave her the address and the email never arrived. TO config the order I agreed in teh chat and was told the new equipment would arrive in 3-5 business days. It never came.


I waited almost two weeks to follow up this time by telephone. Again to get to a supposedly live person the Automeated Brain Dead Attendant required me to enter my 16 digit account number multiple time, often not reaind it but after comfirming the account addres required the number to be reentered. The whole time I'm getting recorded messages that Xfinity values my privacy. I finalll go to a semi alive person who started the whole "validation" process over again. I lost it when she asked for the bank information on my last payment. I absolutely refused to provide that and no phone Agent should have access to that infoormation, that just asking for a data breach.


My Next attempt was to make an appointment at my local Xfinity store. I made an appointment for 11:00 AM today. I almost immediately relized I have a teleconferenve at that time and when on line to change the time that took only a few minutes. At the appointed time - 2:30 this afternoon I went to the store with my old box and in about 10 minutes two very nice employees exchanged my equipemt with no hassell. They simply scanned my old box and that was good enough to validate me and my equipment.


I installed the box when I got home form work and it's now up an running, except for a small problem programming teh remote to my TV.


The moral is if you have a problme go to the store.




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