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Mon, Dec 21, 2020 1:00 PM

Customer service has ignored my requests and service is shut off !




Long time & on time paying customer here - 


I find it interesting who gets a reply back and who doesn't here!


The Owner of my house and I share our bills - our 2 year triple play contract was up in August and our paper contract states a certain price that it will resort to after the contract is up - 


-about a month after it's up, we are billed a HUGE amount and even a fee from Comcast for having to charge us a new fee 😳


We have called - wanting to #cancel out triple play service and just keep internet and as we all know, it's not easy to do. 
Finally we do. 

Then - because we believe this is settled with the owner who pays the bills (we have our own agreement - even thou account is in my name - we still have tv and internet but don't think much of it assuming she got a better deal. 

- soon after, she is elderly and gets hospitilized and come a few months later - our service is Shut OFF and we now owe a huge bill (around $600 by December 31) -


------Not only did Xfinity not honour their written contract terms (let's say it says it will be $114.95 a month after August and instead each month it's $295 or one month $178 or $192 (no rhyme or reason right -) but 


--- We cancelled this service and switched, she is no dummy so we are ALL SURPRISED aboout this bait and switch on the contract price but that's not the issue - customer service NEVER switched our plan and kept billing us for triple play at DOUBLE the price we were paying and shut off our service and ironically enough this was the month we were about to launch a new website and business -


- Where do I start with customer service ? How can I explain that each bill has a new monthly" price for a service we cancelled and late fees and that while I qualify for their low income program - the speed is not enough and you know how tough their customer service is. 

--- How can I get our bill reduced and on a payment plan (and keep just internet ) but they will not honour the fact she called and cancelled our service - 


If they look, we have paid every bill on time and doesn't it seem odd that bills haven't been paid (out miscommunication because she didn't understand what was happening and she assumed we changed it and we thought she did - we are also mobile customers and pay on time as well and LOVE our mobile service while our data is going up in the meantime-

We have honoured our contract so why is Xfinity not honouring theirs and don't wy really call on A Sunday morning at 10am to discuss a late bill? Without our internet our mobile is now spotty living in the country and Suggestions on where to start ?


Bait and switch for one on the triple play contract and not switching out service when asked to - internet only. 

$600 bill with price gauging -


I find it interesting that @@Scott@Xfinty will jump in and help the easy customer questions but not the big meds ups .


Ive been a lowal customer at this address for 4 years and over 12 years + in two states and countless cities. 

can someone @ #xfinty help me sort this bill out and help ! I don't want an auto number - I'm tired of the stress and time this has caused us and yes accidents happen but it's like you pay your contract on time and as soon as you switch services or contract ends - they just charge you and charge you whatever they want (hi I have a contract and it's not $177 a month or $292 a month - )


Where do I start Xfinty customer service ?


Can you look at my account - give me a number to work with, cancel my triple play when we did in September and charge us for the high speed internet we ordered or come to a win-win agreement ?


Ive honoured my contract - can you?


sarah m






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6 m ago



The account is in your name

You live in a house someone else owns

The owner supposedly pays the Comcast bill

The owner supposedly changed your plan

The owner became ill and spent time in the hospital

The owner supposedly was unable to pay the bill

You now have a large bill with late charges


Bottom line: The account is in your name which makes you responsible for making sure the bill is paid.  Any changes made to your plan should be approved by you and followed up by you to make sure the changes were made.

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6 m ago

Those points I understand, however some of those are not correct and may be due to my expanding - it's not about the owner and I it's about Xfinty because :



- Xfinty is not honouring the written contract price of what the monthly cost is after the 2 year agreement is up (bait and switch -)


-Also, I was there for part of the call when she switched services from triple play to internet only. 
This is Xfinty issue not us.


I seldom use or check out Xfinty email and when I recently did - all pricing is different - the pdf bill, the email price abs the price quoted .


it's not about the landlord and I - it's about Xfinty .


I'm sorry if that was not clear. 

I appreciate your input thou. 


Official Employee


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6 m ago

Hello SarahMdr39, it sounds like there's been a mix up somewhere along the line. No need to worry we want you to be happy with your services and we aim to be completely transparent when it comes to your bill. Please allow me the opportunity to look into this for you and make any corrections if needed. For further assistance you can send me a private message with your full name by clicking on my name (ComcastAmir) and then click "Send a message".

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4 m ago

Thank you this issue has been resolved - just paid (us) and given a $40 credit. 😞

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