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Tue, Sep 15, 2020 10:00 AM

COVID-19 Payment Extension

I contacted support via chat in order to request a payment extension, since I lost my income due to COVID-19.  I have been able to find employment again, but due to the way the pay cycles work, I won't be able to make this months payment until late next month.


I was advised that I could change my due date, but also advised that after requesting a due date change, it takes 60 days to complete, which of course doesn't help me. 

I was also advised that since I wasn't going to be able to pay until the end of Oct, that there wasn't really anything that could be done, apart from providing a credit for the two late fees (this month and next) that will be incurred.  


Additionally, I was told that there was no guarentee that my service wouldn't be interrupted after missing next month's due date.


Both my cell phone provider and my local power company had processes built in that allowed for either extending the due date by more than 30 days, or spreading a payment over the next three or six months.  In the case of my power company, I was able to do this in about three clicks without needing to speak to an agent. I must admit to being confused why one of the leading internet providers in the country doesn't have something like that at this point.


If they are willing, I'd be happy to speak to a representative about this.


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