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Fri, Oct 30, 2020 8:00 PM

Connection to a new construction home



I will be moving into a newly constructed house in a newly constructed condo complex. There are three families in the condo complex who already have xfinity internet. I submitted a request to get a new connection a week ago. I was told that a ticket has been created for my new address.


I followed up with them yesterday. I was told that the construction team needs to come and install something and only then I will be able to get my internet connection. However, the staff I spoke with couldn't give me any specific timeline. He said it would take "a while" to get the connection.


He also said I can't talk to the construction team. The construction team has to come and install something.


Each time I am calling Xfinity, the customer service reps are giving me different info. The first rep I spoke with said I should expect a phone call in 48 hours. That phone call never came. The second rep told me he can't give me any timeline of when I can get the connection. The third rep told me that there is no order placed for that specific address (whereas the second rep told me that I can't place an order until they install their equipment).


What can I do now?


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