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Mon, Apr 12, 2021 2:23 PM


The Complaint below was filed with the FCC this morning. Ticket No. 4705315

On or about Thursday morning April 8, 2021, Comcast customers, both business and residential, were unable to connect in any form to Net2Atlanta hosted servers. This issue continues today. [Edited], a local small Internet Service Provider. All of our customers who use Comcast are impacted by this problem. This has been reported from states such as Florida, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and others.

All of our customers who also use Comcast, either coax or fiber, are impacted by this problem.

Comcast policies prevent Net2Atlanta from opening tickets. They will only accept tickets from direct customers so our customers who use Comcast have opened tickets. Few are able to get past obvious Level 1 Comcast tech support obstructionism. Two have been escalated to Tier 2 where Comcast agreed it was their problem but have done nothing. Numerous calls by our customers to Comcast Technical Support- exceeding 12 within 2 days - has generated little attention to this issue. When we or one of our customers or a Comcast end user does a trace route to our servers, it dies on a Comcast IP address. This IP address varies. It appears that all of our IP space is affected - basically all IPs advertised by AS20081 & AS25975.

Two of our customers have been able to place support tickets with Comcast. Here are their support tickets. CR960947488 / CR960933184 / CR961221587 / CR961073095 / CR961125375


Please accept our complaint and take remedial action against Comcast.


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