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Tue, Aug 3, 2021 10:24 PM

Comcast Cable and Box around Dead Tree - Need Comcast to Remove Lines first

Hello Comcast Customer Service: 

We have a huge dead tree situation with Comcast and AT&T Cables around it.   This tree needs to be cut down completely, but cannot be done since it will knock the pole next to it, or destroy the garage on the other side.   It is a rock and hard place situation here.   You can have your Tree Cut Services do it "safely" and "carefully" to the City requirements or the City will be citing Comcast and AT&T for leaving a Dead Tree in the ground (as per the Inspection Department).   

How can this be handled in a friendly, simple, and also non-destructive manner where the cables do not get knocked down (approximately 8-10 cables crossing around it.   I have photos to send to you to see it from 2 angles and also closeups depicting the box/cable number.   It is approx 30 feet above the ground and unreachable without a truck, and the trunk of the tree is about 2-3 feet wide (yes).  

Please advice how to handle this situation asap.   






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Comcast doesn't do any tree trimming or tree removal.  If it's on your property it's your responsibility; if it's not on your property your city might be able to direct you who to call.

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